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At Virtual Snapping, we are dedicated to developing the whole athlete.  Spiritual growth is a large component of the process.  Many of the top specialists in the NFL are very outspoken about their faith and trust in Jesus Christ.  Many of us are at different stages—some have never read the Bible, others have never been to church, while others practice their faith every day.  This is for everyone, no matter your place right now.  Through this platform, Virtual Snapping wants to provide resources/tools for anyone wanting to start or grow a relationship with Jesus Christ.

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Director of Faith Development | Virtual Snapping

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College: UCONN

Years: 2002-2006

Position: Punter



Chris Pasavaris is an executive coach specializing in leadership development. Meeting clients where they are, Chris works with leaders at all levels to become their most authentic selves and to unhook from situations that limit their potential.  Chris has worked with individual contributors and managers in several industries including non-profit, financial services, and healthcare organizations.

Chris comes to coaching after careers in politics and ministry.  Prior to earning his Master of Divinity from Yale University, Chris worked as a legislative staffer on Capitol Hill for Senators Lieberman and Rockefeller specializing in environmental and transportation policy.  After working with individuals and families as a chaplain in a critical care setting, Chris sought a more effective way for organizations to support their most valuable asset: their employees.

Chris continues to offer a range of services to his clients including spiritual direction, individual coaching for growth and change, and multi-rater narrative 360 assessments and de-briefs.  Chris lives in Massachusetts with his wife, Meghan, and their two children Clark and Simon.

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