Virtual Coaching

Virtual Snapping has partnered with CoachNow to provide specialists with individual instruction through film review/analysis.  This is an efficient and effective way to get individualized coaching on a regular basis to maximize practice time. Upload film of snappings from anywhere. Receive an alert when the film review session has been completed. Message coach with any follow-up questions.

Virtual Coaching Benefits:

  • Faster improvement
  • Individualized Professional Coaching
  • Consistent quality feedback
  • Specific/targeted drills for practice
  • “You have the best instruction for specialists in the country”
    NCAA Division 1 Special Teams Coach
  • “This is prefect! I know exactly what I need to do to make improvements fast.”
    NCAA Division 1 Punter
  • “Virtual Coaching is just like having a professional snapping coach on staff.”
    HS Head Coach
  • “Saves our staff time and gives our guys exactly what they need to make quick improvements during game week to produce results on Saturday.”
    NCAA Division 1 Head Coach
  • “Virtual coaching tells me what I need to fix and how to fix it in a simple to follow plan.”
    Division 1 snapper
  • “I don’t have to spend a ton of money on crowded, overpriced camps, with no real 1:1 instruction for my son.”
    Parent of HS snapper

How does Virtual Coaching work?


CoachNow angles for snapping

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