What is Virtual Snapping (VS)?

This online platform is specifically designed for specialists who want to take their abilities to the next level.  Long Snapping is a skill anyone with any experience can grasp.  Athletes will have access to professional coaching with a full video library of techniques and drills—all of which are accessible from any computer, tablet, or smartphone from virtually anywhere.  The platform includes a 12-week program for both in-season and off-season training with strength, explosive, flexibility, recovery, and on-field practice plans.   There is a Combine Training Plain to increase the measurables in 40 Yard Dash, Pro Agility, Vertical Jump and Broad Jump.  Video analysis with individualized instruction is also available for each user as an added feature regardless of where you live.  Athletes, parents, and coaches no longer have to watch endless youtube videos to learn how to snap.  Everything you need is right here on this platform!

Who is VS for?

This online platform is specifically designed for any athlete at any level—whether you’ve never snapped a football before or have been training for years, athletes trying to prepare for the season or get recruited to college, or college specialists looking for individualized instruction—we have all you need to take your skills to the next level!  The VS platform is designed to meet the needs of beginners to advanced kick athletes.  Ages 12 and up.

  • Current football players
  • Athletes who have never played football
  • Current specialists looking to improve on and off the field
  • Coaches – youth, high school, and college
  • Teams – VS can be a personal specialist coach/consultant
  • Anyone interested in coaching specialists

How does the VS platform work?

Once registration is complete, the entire platform will be unlocked to begin training.  This includes:  all techniques on “how to” long snap; drills library with 100+ drills to implement into your practice routine; 12 week off-season practice plan including specifically-designed strength, core, combine training, recruiting connection, and flexibility workouts.  This is a step-by-step guide with all the tools to develop and refine your technique into a top specialist.

Athletes who follow this simple and effective plan will see major results in just a few weeks!


  • Increase Velocity
  • Improved Accuracy
  • More Consistent
  • Improved overall technique
  • Convenience/extremely accessible
  • Proven results
  • Affordable

What age groups can use this?

Middle school age (12 years old) and up. All strength workouts can be adjusted for younger specialists.

What ability level is needed for the VS platform?

VS is for virtually anyone!

  • Someone who has never played football before;

  • Athletes looking to try-out for football

  • High school specialist looking to prepare for their season;

  • A more advanced specialist looking to refine their technique and prepare for college and showcase camps

Can someone who has never snapped a football before use VS?

Yes!  VS is designed to teach and train anyone to long snap a football.

What equipment is needed for this program?

Recommended:  1 football.  A standard weight room is recommended for the 12 week program, but alternative movements have been created where standard lifting equipment (bands, dumbells, barbell, kettlebell, med ball, exercise ball) is not available.

What are virtual lessons?

Using the “CoachNow” app, users will submit film clips to receive professional coaching tips to target their specific needs.  Coach will return video analysis of each clip, breaking down the technique and recommending specific drills to improve technique.  Users will receive a notification when individual feedback has been uploaded. More information.

What is the 12 week off-season plan?

Off season – this plan is designed for all specialists with built-in modifications to meet the needs of any athlete at their skill level.  This professionally-created plan provides a step-by-step daily program designed to improve strength, explosiveness, balance, combine training, and flexibility.  It also includes detailed practice plans with specifically designed drills for each practice.  Users who follow this plan will see major improvements in their velocity, accuracy, and consistency.

How often should I train?

VS recommends charting snaps once a week.  This should include both short and long snaps.  Keeping track allows the user to see their own progress.  The 12 week program has users complete pre/post tests to measure their achieved progress.

Will this help me start on my high school football team?

VS does not decide who will start, but there is a significant advantage for the specialist who registers and follows every day exactly the way the program was designed, to help them perform at their full potential.

Will this help me play in college?

Absolutely!  Specialists who follow the VS program will show significant growth in their potential.  VS not only provides a proven system to produce college specialists, but VS also provides guidance/assistance on the recruiting process.

Does virtual snapping help with recruiting?

The #1 way to get recruited is to be good!  VS provides users the ability to create a recruiting profile for college coaches.  Many college coaches use VS for recommendations as well as providing instruction for their specialists.

What drills should I do for snapping?

VS’s teaching philosophy is to break each snap down into parts – specific drills are assigned to develop each part of the technique.  Through this drill work, the full operation will improve.  The drill library and practice plans include exactly which drills to perform and in which order.

How often should I snap?

VS believes in quality over quantity.  How often you snap depends on the time of year.  In season – 3x/week is a good; off season 2-3x/week.  Many of the practice plans include fundamental drills without a ball.  This develops technique without wearing out. 

What should a snapper do in the weight room?

VS has partnered with one of the best strength coaches in the country to design a program specifically for specialists.  VS does not take the place of your team’s strength coach.  Specialists need to participate in the team workouts just like any other player.  Many specialists, however, do not have a team or coach to train with.  For this reason, VS has a program to follow to support on-field training.  The 3 best things a specialist can achieve in the weight room is explosiveness, flexibility, and core strength.

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